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Product Description

 The Pillow wears is the best wearable travel pillow & stow away blanket from this is for men, woman, kids, adults, all ages

  • The Best part about Pillow wears, the Pillow will remain soft & comfortable as a Pillow should be when the blanket is removed from inside of the Pillow.
  • The Pillow shape will remain in a rectangular form with dimensions 18" by 14" inches.
  • It has a hidden zipper at the top of the Pillow for opening and closing.
  • within that opening & closing of the pillow there is a stowed blanket and a strap that in the middle of the Pillow.
  • It is unique in its own style which allows users to feel comfortable in their own personalized space.
  • The Pillow wears is fully washable for everlasting comfort.