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COVID-19 Update Message

Important message from our CEO about the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

Pillow wears is committed to help stop the spread of The COVID-19 virus. This virus is having a dramatic impact on everyone’s lives, businesses and supply chains. Pillow wears is following the recommendations and guidance of the global health experts at the world health organization (WHO) and US centers for disease control (CDC) on preventing the spread of the virus.

As a valued customer or business partner we believe that each of us have a very important role to play in the recovery of not only the health of affected people around the world but the businesses in which those people operate and the various ways these relationships cross paths. With these un-presidential times that are filled with uncertainty our hearts and prayers goes out to each one whom have been impacted by this. We will continue to do our part by sanitizing each and all merchandize while following the 6ft social distancing and wearing a face mask in the effort to stop the spread of the virus.

Please be safe and healthy

Sincerely Yours,

O’Shane Whyte

President of Pillow wears